The diploma aims to:

– Enable all physicians to manage pain patients in both acute and chronic pain conditions,
– To help physicians develop pain centers and multidisciplinary approaches,
– To help physicians establish better communication between primary and secondary care physicians in the difficult management of chronic pain,
– To learn new pain management techniques and interventions with a focus on utilizing ultrasound guidance rather than fluoroscopy

The program will be run in accordance with current international standards and recommendations on pain management given by the French Society of Pain (SFETD) as well as the recent French High Authority of Health (HAS) consensus statement on chronic pain patients flow.
This will be adapted to create an educational postgraduate training program for the physicians of Korea, Asian countries, and other neighboring countries in pain medicine.

Conditions, developed by societies of pain, specify required knowledge, skills, and the criteria that define a training center.

Physicians, fellows and residents who have followed the courses and validated clinical practice will have accumulated the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the diploma of pain management written examination, administered by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montpellier (France).