Pain Medicine Program (Seoul)

International student:

  • 2, 4 days sessions from Dec. 2017 to Feb 2018
  • Access to 100 lectures (updated annually)
  • 6 days of hands on workshops (A total of 32 hours and more than 40 blocks demonstrated)
  • 5 days of clinical attendance and block performance with an accredited team (from Korea, Dubai, Bangkok, Montpellier, and other sites)

A written examination in February 2018

All courses are conducted in English.

Xavier Capdevila, Eric Viel, and Philippe Macaire will come to Seoul for lecturing and to audit the educational program.

They can decide to nominate any other specialists to visit to Seoul from their university of other university (Hong Kong…).


Please find above The definitive program of the 2018 Diploma.
Other informations (Pain Diploma Website): Click here please.


1) PDF File of the Interventional Pain Medicine Diploma – Seoul 2018