RA Asia 2019, Hanoi, 15 & 16 June 2019

Greetings from CEO of Vinmec

Mrs Le Thiy Anh (CEO of Vinmec Healthcare System)

Vietnam’s leading private economic consortium, Vingroup sets the goal to develop the quality of healthcare for Vietnamese citizens on par with first – world countries.
On the 7
th of January 2012, Vingroup officially launched The Vinmec Healthcare System with the mission of “Delivering first-class health service to the people of Vietnam”.

Vinmec is a non-profit health care system, including Hospitals – Research institutions.
It aims to develop it services in line with recognised world – class healthcare systems all over the world.  In parallel, the hospital chain aims to develop intensive research institutes – such as “Research Insitute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology” and “Cancer Center”.

With the motto “Great connection – Great care”, Vinmec currently gathers a faculty of leading, highly skilled and experienced Vietnamese and foreign medical experts in an effort to become the leading hospital in Vietnam in terms of both expertise and technology in health care services.

Since 2017, VinMec decided to provide pain free cares by highlighting the regional anesthesia analgesia techniques as first line treatment to release the pain and become one of the most advanced healthcare system in far east Asia in pain management opioid free. Reason why VinMec supports and will welcome RA-ASIA 2019 in Hanoi Vietnam

It is intended that every Vinmec hospitals within Vietnam will become the hospital of choice for the people of Vietnam who will receive the highest international standards in quality management and patient safety.

We will be honored to welcome you on June 2019 15th and 16th to share


Philippe Macaire (Scientific Director RA-Asia 2019)

RA-Asia was established in 2011 with the idea of Professor Petchara Sundarathiti, Chairwoman of the Thai Society of Regional Anesthesia, and colleagues to create a group of recognized Physicians practicing Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia techniques in Asia, to spread the knowledge of these advance techniques in Anesthesia and Pain management among anesthesiologists in Asia and to forge bonding relationship that transcends boundaries and cultures.

Every year, the conference is hosted by a different country in Asia.

This meeting program consists of didactic lectures, expert tables, live/video demonstrations and hands-on workshops by international as well as local experts in the field of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to provide Pain free and opioid free Surgeries, to improve the surgical outcomes with a pain free rehabilitation and to reduce the risk of chronic pain after surgeries or traumas.

RA Asia 2019 Committee


Pre Program

How to Register

The must to know:

  • The Venue : Hotel Pullman Hanoi
    • the entire convention center of the hotel  please connect to:
  • Language
    • Faculty english speaking
    • Audio interpretor in vietnamese
  • Registration fee including 8 Workshops stations (4 per day)
    • Vietnam and low income countries          : 2.5 MVND / 100 USD
    • Vietnamese residents                                  : 1 MVND / 40 USD
    • South Est Asia                                               :  175 USD
  • How to register:
    • Please connect to : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MV5QSMB
    • Fill the registration form
    • After you receive the confirmation e mail please proceed to payement as instructed in the e mail to secure your workshop registration and your registration
    • Registration limited to 200 Delegates
  • Educational material:
    • Flash memory with PDF of the speakers slides


Scientific Director 2019
Dr. Philippe Macaire

Organization Committee Secretary
Ms. Hoang Ngoc Mai
Ms. Trinh Tu Quyen