Update: All about the 2018 Diplomas!

These are the first diploma of Interventional Pain Medicine or Regional Anesthesia Analgesia delivered by an University in the world. These programs has been created through the cooperation of an established team of physicians passionate about Interventional Pain or Regional Anaesthesia.

The international diploma in Interventional Pain Medicine (Montpellier – Seoul) and the international diploma of Regional Anesthesia Analgesia (Montpellier – Hanoi), delivered by the University of Montpellier in France, are established, globally, as a post-graduate Diploma of University (DU) or a Master Course of Acute and Chronic Pain Management for both of them recognized in Europe.

Students will be officially registered in the records system of the University of Montpellier from October 2017 to June 2018. They will receive an attestation of this registration in addition to a French student national number.

Xavier Capdevila (MD PhD) Sang Hoon Lee (MD PhD) Eric Viel (MD PhD) Tu Nguyen (MD PhD) and Philippe Macaire (MD) are the directors and their team are recognised worldwide.

Please find all needed informations in the PDF files (above)